Commercial Drying Equipment

Save your home or business by employing the most effective drying equipment available. All types of flooding can create massive damage – and fast. It’s critical to start cleanup immediately and use the most efficient drying equipment available.

We have everything you need, from water extractors to dehumidifiers. Need a generator to run restoration equipment? We have you covered with that, too.

Once all the water has been removed from your home or business, we incorporate the best in drying technology to ensure all remaining moisture is completely evaporated. This is crucial to prevent further damage or dreaded mold growth.

Any flooding incident will leave the air with an increased level of humidity. This humid air makes continued evaporation incredibly slow, if possible at all. This means that floors, walls, and any other property inside the building could be subject to secondary damage. Wooden structures can become warped, sheetrock can start to crumble, ceilings sag, metal begins to corrode, and any electrical work can completely malfunction. Much of this kind of damage can be irreversible.

On top of this, within just hours after a flood on any scale, the left-over moisture creates the perfect environment for bacteria, mildew, and mold growth. This is a nightmare for any living or working space because of the massive health complications that can result. What’s worse, mildew and mold can spread quickly and becomes extremely challenging to control once it’s taken hold.

Commercial drying equipment like dehumidifiers will extract any excess moisture from the air, either pumping it away or venting it out of your building. This creates a significantly drier atmosphere, allowing evaporation to take place. It is such a critical step to prevent more damage, as well as pervasive odors and dangerous mold growth.

Whether your water damage is isolated or impacts your entire building, we have all the tools necessary to reclaim your property and restore your operations quickly.