Water Damage Repair

Unfortunately, in the event of any type of flooding, some form of water damage is unavoidable no matter how fast the response may be.

We expertly handle every aspect of water damage repair. Once we have completely extracted any and all standing water, we will use the most innovative drying techniques available to minimize even further destruction. This includes advanced dehumidification services as well as carpet, floor, and even document drying.

A major hazard in any water incident is mold growth, as it can start just hours after flooding occurs. The best way to prevent this is through the dehumidification process. If needed, we will conduct thorough testing for the early stages of mold and mildew growth and we will undertake any necessary mold removal to prevent it from spreading.

What’s more, we are here to expertly handle your insurance claims. There is a lot that has to go into these claims and it can just add more stress to your situation. It is important to note that some insurance companies will try to send their own surveyors to asses the damage, which can of course be biased to minimize the insurance company payout. Request a third party estimate and trust us to do the hard part.

Our experts will document every aspect of your water damage with photos and moisture measurements. We can provide all the required details about the incident as well as a full estimate of any necessary repairs. We work hard to make sure we maximize your payout, easing some of the anxiety of having a damaged home or business.

The destructive power of a water incident is unfortunately out of anyone’s control. What is in your control is how to best pick up the pieces and recover in the fastest, most efficient way possible. Contact the most experienced team in San Francisco to take over from here. We will do everything we can to alleviate all your water damage repair concerns.