Comprehensive Estimates

One of the most intimidating aspects in the aftermath of water damage is how to pay for the repairs.

All home and business owners are strongly advised to hire a private party for all damage estimates, if your insurance company allows it. A private party estimate will be unbiased and ensure the maximum payout.

We offer the most comprehensive estimates for all water damages incidents. Whether you are dealing with the result of a fire, plumbing malfunction, severe weather, or any other disaster, we have the expertise to accurately evaluate any and all damage to your property. We will meticulously document everything, including any relevant photos during every stage from right after the incident all the way through the repair process.

Insurance companies can be very demanding in their requirements for any claim, especially for water damage as it is notoriously destructive – and expensive. In addition to photos, we provide moisture measurements and mapping, drying logs, as well as temperature and humidity recordings. We know everything that your insurance company needs to understand the full extent of the water or smoke damage.

To formulate the most comprehensive estimates on total cost, we use pre-negotiated insurance pricing and Xactimate 28, the most widely-used and accurate estimate formulation software available. Our experts are trained to deal with any insurance provider with the utmost professionalism and most up-to-date reports. We employ all this technology and training with one critical goal in mind – to ultimately maximizing your payout.

We know just how traumatic any disaster can be, the last thing you should be worrying about is how to afford putting your life back together. Trust us to approach this with the same level of expertise and transparency that we practice in all areas of our work in damage restoration.