Raw Sewage Cleanup

Possibly one of the worst flooding scenarios is in the case of raw sewage. It can happen any number of ways. Drains can become backed up during intense storms or any kind of plumbing failure can cause toilets to overflow and sewage pipes to leak. Even if you have any other type of flooding emergency, there is a hazard that it could contain raw sewage.

In the San Francisco area, this is unfortunately a fairly common occurrence, as outdated city plumbing, rainy weather, and frequent earthquakes make local sewage lines very prone to issues.

A raw sewage disaster is mortifying for any home or business owner. The horrific smell, the immediate damage, and the health threat make raw sewage cleanup seem like a monumental undertaking. All water incidents carry several health risks, but in the case of raw sewage the dangers are exponentially higher.

This is why it is imperative to call in professionals.

Our team is specially trained and well-equipped to handle even the most devastating raw sewage situations. You should never even approach raw sewage yourself due to the risk of contamination. Raw sewage contains an enormous amount of pathogens, bacteria, fungi, and viruses that can be life-threatening. Contact us immediately to quickly contain the hazard and begin thorough cleaning and disinfecting.

We have the tools and knowledge to extract all sewage water safely and quickly. We will disinfect every affected area with the most powerful methods available, ensuring your property is completely sterilized and odor-free. The location will undergo our thorough drying process, as well, guaranteeing no further damage. As with every restoration project we undertake, we will prepare all necessary repair estimates for your insurance provider and complete reconstruction as needed.

Our company approaches raw sewage cleanup under the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification S500 standards, which means we abide by the highest level of protocol. While a raw sewage spill may seem catastrophic, we can assure you that we will do everything in our power to make it seem as if it never happened.