Fire and Smoke Cleanup

The damage done by fire and smoke can be catastrophic. After a fire, home and business owners can feel utterly helpless. We are here to help ease some of the stress and work closely with you on moving forward.

There are numerous fire hazards in every building. Even the most diligent property owners may fall victim to a devastating fire. Anything from faulty electrical wiring to combustible chemicals can raise the fire risk. Whether it is a smaller, isolated incident or you’ve lost your entire building, we have the expertise and empathy to give you peace of mind.

Aside from the more obvious consequences of a fire, there are countless additional hazards and possible damage that many people overlook. Fire and smoke can cause destruction anywhere in the building. Smoke in particular is terribly pervasive. It leaves potentially toxic residue that can be incredibly hazardous to people and animals. Even if it is not visible or does not give off an odor, this residue can be absorbed by direct contact or inhaled by breathing, putting you and your family at risk of serious health complications. It is imperative to have a professional restoration company thoroughly inspect and clean your property before anyone spends any amount of time inside.

Moreover, smoke can do extensive secondary damage to your property if it is not professionally removed. The toxins in smoke eat away at any material, even further weakening the structural integrity of the building.

Our team is trained to handle every facet of fire and smoke cleanup throughout San Francisco, Marin and Sonoma Counties. We will even handle all of the paperwork for filing a claim with your insurance provider. We will do everything possible to restore what was lost and make your home or business inhabitable once again.